Accessories add polish and a finishing touch to personalize your look. They also serve as the easiest and fastest way to update each season. I love the way accessories give insight into your personality and allow you to express your creativity.

I’ve put together a head-to-toe list of my favorite accessories to help you choose an accent that compliments and punctuates your style.

We’ll take it from the top with the most popular necklace of the season…

Slim, stacked or bold, there’s a choker necklace to show the feminine or bold side to your style!


Worn as a singular long pendant chain or stacked, this look is sophisticated and as an added bonus, it flatters by elongating your body to look slimmer and taller!


Beyond the usual lapel placement, there are so many ways to wear a brooch and show your creativity from the style you choose to where you place it. Here are a few unconventional ideas for you to take the trend and make it your own!


Fall’s most glamorous accessory, wear it short of long to add ultra feminine luxury to your style!


No matter the size, from small to oversized and everything in between, ‘get a handle’ on fall’s newest way to carry your bag!


In flats, heels or boots, lacing gives basic silhouettes a fresh new look!


Pair the menswear inspired flat with basic pieces to bring a high style focal point to your outfit!