The Fall season to the fashion industry is what the Super Bowl is to the NFL. There are weeks, no months of hype before the big reveal, lots of speculation about the front runners, everybody’s got their take on the best picks and when it arrives, anticipation builds then we all settle in and make up our own minds about what we think is best.

Just like everyone else, I’m jumping in to kickoff my picks of the season’s best styles.

As I have perused trends over the past months, some looked too young or inappropriate to be taken seriously for business. There were as many trends to pass as there were to embrace.

Here are the picks I’ve embraced as the best of the season for you to step out in style. Because we all know that when we see a well-dressed woman who got it right, we can’t help but notice and gain a little inspiration from her personal expression, creativity and flair. Style is as much for ourselves as it is for sharing.

Let’s begin with a look that works in a casual office environment or if you’re a creative professional…


How to Wear It: Make it work worthy with a jacket, blazer or blouse. Add heels and you’re completely updated for fall’s easiest update!




How to Wear It: Keep shapes lean with companion pieces to compliment the long silhouette. The look will create the illusion of more height and give lots of drama to your style!




How to Wear It:  If weather permits, keeping it sleeveless gives it the newest look. It’s also great with a thin layer worn under in a ¾ or full-length sleeve.




How to Wear It: Fringe gives a bohemian look to your style. If bohemian is not your style and you want to wear the trend, try the tweed option or avoid styles in suede. Keep all other pieces basic to let the fringe detail become the focal point.




How to Wear It: Plaid’s back and has work worthy sophistication when paired with solid classic pieces or large-scale accessories.





How to Wear It: The classic trench is timeless, a can’t miss piece that looks great with everything!




How to Wear It: Choose simple pieces to pair with the look for shearling or fur to bring elegant glamour to everyday style!



How to Wear It: These shearling shoes make the outfit when paired with your favorite jeans.


There’s even something for the dog to get in on the trend!