“When your image and personal style effectively communicate who you are, show what you do, reflect your level of brilliance, and accurately position you for how you want to be perceived, the impact is immediate, felt internally, and noticed externally.” – Sybil Henry 

You know who you are on the inside

You know the best things about yourself, the power that lies within, and the boldness you feel when saying “yes” to a challenge. 

So why is it so hard to showcase that power on the outside?

It’s Time to change that

My greatest joy is helping women create a style (and a mindset) that perfectly showcases that boldness on the outside, too. 

It’s my goal to give you the gift of that magic moment where everything falls into place. That magic moment where you get goosebumps, feeling that what’s on the inside is finally fully expressed on the outside. 

That magic moment where your confidence is flowing out wildly amidst your power and femininity. 

Style goes beyond just clothing. It encompasses discovering that confidence and creating a personal brand and legacy reflective of the real you. 

It’s an essential piece of the puzzle as you rise up as a female leader ready to meet your next challenge.

You have everything you need on the inside, now let’s show it on the OUTSIDE!

Meet Sybil

Hi, I’m Sybil Henry. 

Like you, my professional title makes up just a small portion of my identity. I’m Shayne’s mom, an Author, a world traveler, a dream-chaser who is ridiculously passionate about what I do, and so much more. 

I’m a believer in women and an avid promoter of bringing confidence boldly to the surface.

Reflecting back, I like to think that I was a stylist from the very beginning. From styling my dolls to prepping friends for a night out, I saw the power of style early on. I knew it was something I wanted to…okay, needed to…be a part of, it felt like a calling.

For me, style was a revolution. It was a way to help others feel their power. It was a journey I experienced firsthand. It turned into a realization that if your gift intersects with your passion, you’ll never spend a day working. Which is what makes life feel like a dream when I look at where I am today. 

As a mom, I remember instantly feeling a heightened awareness of my values and priorities when my daughter came into the world. While I taught my daughter lessons as she grew, I felt the awesome responsibility to live them out as well and be a role model for the values I was teaching her.

I showed her how to be self-respecting, how the way you treat yourself is a mirror into how others will treat you, how to set boundaries, and how to make others around you feel good. I taught her about how to stay curious, how to demonstrate kindness, and how to use femininity as one of our greatest strengths we have as women. My journey as a mother strengthened me as a woman.

I’m honored you’re here. My journey has been one that has taught me countless life lessons. It gives me joy to be able to share with you the foundation for The Style Concierge. It is my hope that my lessons, experience, and expertise can be used to empower you as you seek to rise and become more of the woman you were born to be.

Are you READY?

It’s time to own who you are confidently and unapologetically.


Sybil Henry



With a corporate background and experience working at Executive levels, I have had the opportunity to be exposed to an entire world of style…literally. Through my travels around the world, I’ve observed and immersed myself into various cultures. This, along with training in Paris and Milan in the world of couture, has given me a refined eye for fit, quality of fabric, garment construction, cultural taste preferences, and value when it comes to style. 

Having worked in almost every corner of the fashion world, I have a unique sense of awareness of both what people like and what works hand in hand with their body and their vision. Along with my hands-on experience in design, I carry a corporate perspective to be able to identify and empathize with the needs of my clients and the branding experience to create a client’s most powerful and authentic Signature Style. 

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“You could say I’m a bit of an adventure junkie. I’m currently working my way through my bucket list…which included a bungee jump in Costa Rica. Once was enough for that one…done and checked, next!”

“I’m an athlete. I ran my first marathon at 40 to celebrate the start of a new life phase. I loved it so much that I ran countless more for 15 years. I hung up my running shoes for now, replacing them with sailing, ahhhhh!”

“I’m a big football fan. I enjoy cheering on my favorite teams and wearing their jerseys.”

“I structure my day around sunsets. Embracing the beauty around me helps me stay deeply in tune with myself and nature and helps me keep an attitude of gratitude.”

“I’m more of a night owl than an early bird. I feel ready for any challenge after seven hours of sleep every night…that’s my magic number.”

“A self-proclaimed health food junkie, I enjoy experimenting with the fun challenge of seeing how many things I can make taste good from plants!”

“I love inspirational quotes. Many of my favorite quotes are on my overflowing mug collection. I like to choose a mug for the day to add a boost of inspiration and creativity!”