My passion is working with women who are on a mission to move into their next level. They have a big vision and they have the determination and motivation to make it happen.

When I met Claudia Langford, she had this vision and determination. She was in the process of transitioning out of her corporate job to launch her big idea.

She had created a brand and needed photos that would capture her as a thought leader and visionary for her new website.

I asked Claudia to shop her closet before we began shopping in stores.

Claudia took selfies of the clothes she liked in her closet. And that’s when I realized something – Claudia was hiding her shape under loose-fitting tops and jackets that and it wasn’t flattering.

Take a look…


In Claudia’s first outfit (her Before shot), the white top hides her shape under all the layers. And the short jacket did not flatter her form. Even on my iPhone screen, I could tell this look would NOT be camera friendly, nor did it reflect the power and confidence of this dynamic woman.

Now in the second photo (Claudia’s After shot), taken from the dressing room, we made a few simple changes to create a big impact!

We kept Claudia’s lean pants, replaced the short boxy jacket with a more streamlined blazer that lengthened her frame. We replaced the layered top for a top with clean and sleek lines to reflect Claudia’s clean, modern brand. And because Claudia loves color, we accessorized her outfit with a turquoise necklace and replaced the open toe shoes with a pointed toe pump to sharpen the professional look.

The result was Camera Ready Confidence in a look that’s polished, effortlessly chic and casual, just like Claudia!

P.S. Even off camera, these same brand style principles can be applied – whether it’s styling for the stage or networking. These style strategies give Claudia a slimmer, sleeker, modern, polished and approachable image that is a more accurate reflection of her personality and her work.

Checkout Claudia’s “Take Two”…


In the second example above, Claudia thought the layered dress on the left would be an ideal option because of the vibrant color. I took one look at it and recognized that the dress shape completely overwhelmed her shape and overwhelmed her frame and hid her curvy hourglass shape.

In the photo on the right, Claudia is wearing a vibrant colored dress. But we found one that fits her perfectly, elevating her brand image to capture the look of a leader.

Claudia is a great example of how dressing for your shape and embodying your brand style creates a powerful energetic shift that you will immediately feel. It will raise your confidence and magnetizes the right people and opportunities to you.

Claudia was thrilled and surprised how these external changes created and internal shift. She felt more powerful and in alignment, ready to begin promoting her new business with confidence. The shift is so powerful that you can see it and even feel her essence from the screen!

Claudia’s Style Transformation, “Take Three”…


In the photo above, we see Claudia still loving her white layered top (I started calling it her fluffy top :).

She thought she was ready for her close-up…not so fast!!!

We replaced the billowy proportion of the “fluffy top” for a curve skimming dress that captured Claudia’s femininity and vibrant personality.

Dressing for the camera requires a unique approach:

Identifying your brand style archetype and dressing in a way that aligns with it Understanding your body type and dressing in a way that accentuates it Getting clear on your bigger vision of where you’re going and dressing in a way that embodies that bigger vision Understanding the economics of your brand and reflecting this level of quality to attract those at the same level I’m happy to share with you that Claudia made her dream business come true. She told me “I am finding myself working with select people on a global scale doing everything from expanding my clients’ vision to crisis management, to strategic planning and communication strategies.” She embodies her brand and has Camera Ready Confidence to attract incredible opportunities as she builds her business in its first year!

Dressing for the camera requires a different approach to effectively reflect the level of your expertise. Even when you’re networking and take impromptu group pictures that get posted online, you’ll want to have Camera Ready Confidence whenever you’re out representing your business and brand.

If you would like support and actionable strategies, to dress in alignment with your brand, convey your high level expertise, communicate clarity and confidence in your offering, accentuate your most beautiful attributes, and LOVE how you look in photos and on video, then I’ve got just the opportunity for you!

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