In this first of my two-part series, I’m sharing ideas about how to wear shorts. Yes, shorts! They can be a nice alternative to skirts and pants when the weather heats up and will increase your wardrobe options.

You may not have worn shorts in years, or maybe even never! Or you’re wearing shorts and would be open to new ideas about how to wear them in a different way.

Even if you’re thinking, “Sybil, I can’t wear shorts! My____ are too___ or my ___ is too___or I’m too___, I’d like to challenge you with the idea that there is a short that will look great on you, despite thoughts to the contrary.

I haven’t taken shorts as a serious style option until now. Dressy shorts have been showing up as a trend, I opened my mind, gave them a closer look and experimented with how to make them work for me as age appropriate and flattering to my body shape. I’ve road tested wearing shorts, loved the look and now ready to share what I’ve learned with you!

Next week, I’ll show outfits I’ve put together to give ideas about how you can style shorts too.

If you’re being celebrated as a mother, will be celebrating your mother, celebrating a mother you know or remembering your mother, I hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend.





I’ll check back in with you next week with lots of outfits for styling ideas…enjoy!