The start of a new year is one of my favorite seasons. It’s a time for fresh starts and renewed optimism about reaching your potential and your dreams.

Next to setting body/weight goals, the desire for a better life tops the list. For many career women, these are some of the goals that top their list…

  • Setting your sights on a promotion you’ve always wanted
  • Stepping on stages with your signature talk and reaching more with your message
  • Breaking visibility fears or updating your visual image by getting in front of a camera
  • Making meaningful contacts through networking and vowing to get out of the house more often

As you continue moving forward towards making this your best year ever, looking the part is an important secret of success. I’ve put together a few looks that have polish, professionalism and look the part of the leader…



Give yourself a modern update to convey
who you are and what you do.
You’ll be style ready for your big opportunity
and effortlessly magnetize ideal prospects!

Turn your dreams into reality by looking the part as the influential industry leader and be style ready when opportunity knocks.

Ready to take the stage?
Show your expertise and brilliance to shine brightly while you’re in the spotlight!

Your stage brand style strategy is all about choosing:

  • Colors that facilitate warmth and approachability
  • Styling that positions you as the expert in your industry and elevates your brilliance
  • Shapes to give you body confidence so you can relax and focus on your message


Ready for your close-up?
Looks that show your personality in front of the camera and enhance your beauty!

Your camera brand style strategy is all about choosing:

  • Shapes flattering to your shape so you’ll feel comfortable and confident
  • Colors that reflect light on your face to enhance your beauty
  • Styles that reflect your Signature Brand Style for authenticity and magnetizing attraction


Ready to mix & mingle?
Networking looks that attract, magnetize and are totally memorable!

Your networking brand style strategy is all about choosing:

  • Styling that allows you to stand out and be memorable
  • Flawless fit to signal quality that shows you pay attention to details




Looks that work as hard as you do
to be style ready
and give a stylized boost to your career!


Join countless women who have completed the most unique styling program. My proven 5-Step Get More Clients Signature Brand Style System gives you all the invaluable tools you’ll need to:

  • Uncover your brand essence and learn how you are really being perceived!
  • Discover your distinctive Signature Brand Style that effortlessly attracts the right clients!
  • Identify your body shape with simple strategies to dress for your shape and get the ultimate ‘comfortable in your own skin’ body confidence!
  • Create a color palette that’s based on your unique brand, personality traits and values to be memorable!
  • Move into action with a dynamic plan for you to quickly step into the best version of yourself and attract all the clients you’ll need!

These priceless skills are simple to learn and provide you with a low-maintenance routine. You’ll confidently shop with ease, get dressed faster and look amazing every time you leave the house to represent your brand in every area of your life, for business, leisure and social. Learn more about my style programs to get your life-enhancing, career game-changing Signature Brand Style here.

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