One of the biggest style enhancements that can immediately improve your body image, create a fit and youthful silhouette, improve your posture and make your clothes look better…a great bra!

What defines a great bra?

A great bra lays flat and smooth against your body from every angle. It has a comfortable fit that supports and lifts. When your bra properly supports and lifts, it places your breasts in the proper position and as a result, creates additional torso space to elongate your frame for a leaner, more flattering look. It also looks pretty and makes you feel more feminine.

Many women with a D cup or larger believe they have to sacrifice looks for performance and they can’t find bras in their size that look pretty. I’ve had countless clients find beautiful, feminine bras at Nordstrom. They have created instant transformations by finding great fitting bras for women who walked in wearing the wrong size with an improper fit in a C or D cup. After being fitted, discovered they were a size G!!!

They walked out stunned that they were wore a cup size they never imagined and how much of a difference it made. This new perfectly fitted bra changed their view of how they saw their bodies. As they tried on clothes, they loved how they looked. Some even described it as life changing!

That’s the power of a great bra, your secret weapon for great style!

Below is a helpful visual reference to check the condition of your bra. If you can’t remember the last time you were fitted or purchased a bra, chances are probably really good that you’ll see yourself in one of these photos…enjoy!




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