Many women over 40 wonder when it’s time to give up some of the looks they loved in earlier years. I’ve put together a snapshot of looks that are better suited for the young.

Style Challenge: I want to rock my edgy style in black

All black can be slimming, sleek and sophisticated, but it can sometimes cross the line of age appropriateness when the styling is too young.

  • Black lace can look harsh against older skin
  • Shiny black fabric gives a hard edge to your look when softening is more beautiful with age
  • No matter what color you wear, showing your stomach over 40 is never a good idea.

Style Solution: Our skin becomes thinner, loses elasticity, and that youthful glow as we age, and dark colors can highlight these changes. Depending on your skin tone, bright or softer colors can cast a glow back on the skin to create a more radiant appearance. Avoid wearing hard edge black fabrics against the face; if you do, you may need a little extra makeup to compensate for the lack of color.

Style Challenge: If I’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

Well, yes, but not all of it! Baring lots of cleavage is definitely questionable for women over 40. Less can be so much more.

Style Solution: Showing the décolletage can be more feminine, sensual, and pretty than revealing the actual breast. Add a subtle shimmer to the area for an added touch of femininity.

Style Problem: I’m hip, I want to follow the latest trends…

  • Cutouts are risky no matter the age, but over 40, it’s just plain inappropriate.
  • Rompers are cute on girls, but for a woman over 40, they’re an unflattering choice.
  • Graphic tees are fun for young women to express their style, but they cheapen the look of a woman over 40.

Style Solution: Trends are fun to experiment with, but need to be approached with caution! This is where judgment plays a role in which trends to try, and which ones to pass. If a trend reveals skin, such as crop tops or cut outs, that’s one to stay away from.

Style Challenge: I’m proud of my young looking body, that makes me feel young and I want to show it…

  • Baby doll dresses got their name for a very descriptive reason. This dress would be just right for JLo’s daughter.
  • Fit and flare dresses are a fashion hit this summer, but miss the mark for women over 40. The shape is youthful and can easily be borrowed by one of the Kardashian daughters.
  • Ruffles are for the young and may not even work for over 14, much less over 40.

Style Solution: For many women who have worked hard to maintain their youthful figure, it’s tempting to want to show it in clothes that are equally young. Showing your shape through body skimming styles instead of body revealing outfits is a choice that elevates the quality of your style while still showing your toned body.