Body Confident Clothes

Many women want to show their shape but feel self-conscious about their stomach. The result can be clothing choices that hide rather than strategically conceal and flatter.

Today I’ll share a few ideas of styles that accentuate the positive and minimize the number one area of angst so you’ll step out with more body confidence!

Draped and wrap dresses with draping in the middle are a great way to look ultra feminine and appear little in the middle!

An overlay of fabric can strategically conceal and give a beautifully feminine look.

You can add a soft cardigan or shrug over your dress and subtly reveal a shapely silhouette!

If you’d rather not accentuate your waist, you can wear an empire or drop waist style to show your shape.

Cardigans work well as a lightweight layering piece to finish your look. The key is choosing a style that adds shape without adding bulk or hiding your shape.

Tanks and tops with length and shape are a great way to subtly conceal while still showing your curves.