Got questions? I can help!

What type of women do you work with?

I work with women who are ready to step into their next level and want to look the part. The women who contact me to work together have a vision of where they want to go. They look in the mirror and want to be aligned with how they see their future self and they are ready to step into that vision today.


My clients are diverse. They are entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. They live in all areas of the world, primarily from large cities and are a mix of women who work from home and away from home. Some women work in a corporate job and are desiring or preparing for a large promotion while others are planning to leave their corporate lives and become entrepreneurs. Yet others have experienced high levels of entrepreneurial success for most of their lives.

Do you only work with women over 40?

No, I work with women of all ages. My work resonates with all women while I also understand the unique needs that are common once a woman is over 40 and beyond.

How do I know your styling will work for me?

When you are ready to fully step into your next level and reach your highest potential, personally and professionally, my work will help you reach your goals. I offer a full guarantee for results and stand behind my promise.  

Should I wait to lose weight before I work with you?

It depends on your situation. If you have gained weight and you know that you can easily lose the weight, then yes. If, however, your weight gain has been with you longer than a year or you are experiencing body changes that are causing you to feel bad about yourself and not fully show up in business, then this is the perfect time to work with me.


Many of my clients have said that after working with me they have either lost weight in a way that was easier than ever before or they feel so good about how they look that they have stopped dieting and started feel good about their body.

When you style me, will I have to buy all new clothing?

No! The styling process is for you to discover all the best parts of who you are so that you can make choices that reflect you at the level of your brilliance. This is very different from making choices from fashion trends.

Do you also work with women in person?

While most of my work is virtual and considered training you to become the expert of your style, I also work and shop with women in person. This is an incredible opportunity to deepen the learning and change how you shop, the lessons last a lifetime! We meet in Los Angeles and discuss your style goals and strategies. I offer a concierge experience where we spend the day together at stores that are pre-selected based on your unique style profile. Together we choose clothing and you try it on. I share detailed information about style, fit, fabric, construction and shape.

Do you include hair and makeup as part of your styling work?

Yes, hair and makeup is part of your overall brand style!

What do I get as a result of working with you?

When our work is completed, you receive an email of a PDF document detailing our Blind Styling session content. This is a visual and written file. You will see a recap of:

  • Your Brand, who and how you attract
  • Your Signature Brand Style, what it looks like and how it’s put together
  • Your Body Shape, the silhouettes to choose and which styles flatter and the silhouettes to avoid
  • Your Brand Color Palette, your customized colors and how they affect you and others in your presence
  • Your Action Plan, a list of your goals, what to prioritize and how to implement on an ongoing basis, short- and long-term


You also receive a pocket guide with a compilation of your Brand Style to use when you are making purchase decisions and can use as a convenient “at a glance.”

Can I work with you ongoing?

Yes, I have a variety of ways to continue the momentum of our work. I offer Special Event Styling where we can discuss your shopping strategy for making purchases for the big upcoming or career defining moments in your life. We can also meet online on video as you try on outfits and I style you head to toe for the number of outfits you need for your special event.


I also host a monthly mastermind group for ongoing mastery.

Do you work with men?

Yes. Although my passion and focus is with women, I also help men find their most powerful brand style.

Can you shop for me?

I work with styling partners who are trained in my styling method to select and buy clothing that is shipped to you.

I haven’t launched my business yet, when is the best time to work with you?

The best time to work with me is when you have a vision and you are ready to bring it fully to life. I have worked with women who are in all phases of their business and careers. The personal image branding work we do together brings clarity, aligning with your message and gives a consistency to the overall customer experience. This will benefit someone just starting a new business, making a transition from corporate to a business, taking a promotion within a corporate environment or an experienced entrepreneur moving into their next phase of success.

Do you work with groups or only individuals?

While most of my work is with individuals, I also work with groups. I have worked with corporate groups as a workshop and groups who work with me privately. With my group work I am usually hired by Leadership and Development or Marketing departments. The goal is to use the brand image skills that raise the level of professionalism in the organization to promote more women leaders. (see Lakeshia’s notes)

I live in Europe, do you work outside the US?

Yes, I work with woman globally via Zoom. For Blind Styling, we work with the video feature turned off. When it is time for us to work face to face we turn the video camera on.

I’m a very visual person, how do I know your Blind Styling method is right for me?

If you are interested in learning about the deeper layers and multi-facets to what makes people fall in love with you, then Blind Styling would be a perfect fit for you to gain insight into knowing more about who you are. As a visual person myself, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised how suspending sight will heighten your visual gifts and you will see yourself more clearly!

I need new photos and don’t know where to start. Do you also have photographer referrals?

Yes! I work with many photographers in several geographic regions who all specialize in capturing the essence of their clients through brand image photography. They each have distinct photography styles. This allows me to make more successful referral matches based on individual brand style and personalities.

Do you mostly work with designer brands and high end stores when you shop with clients?

My work is highly customized and individualized based on the style and brand economic level of the client. Through our work together, this information is revealed and I can recommend stores and brands for you.

What is Blind Styling?

I consider Blind Styling to be The Voice of style. Essentially, when we begin our relationship on the phone (instead of in person or on a video call), I’m able to dig deeper into your personality without being persuaded by the way you’re dressing now. It helps me make unbiased recommendations for you and you enjoy a deeper experience that many of my clients have likened to their brand DNA.

Will you come with me to shop after our session together?

What I do with clients goes far beyond shopping together and I’m not a traditional stylist. My Blind Styling method provides a unique, empowering and highly individualized experience. Once we determine your brand style archetype through our Blind Styling call, you’ll take the tools learned and have the option to shop with me, virtual shop together, or go shopping on your own.

I hate shopping. Is working with a stylist a good idea?

I find that when women hate shopping they choose items on a whim, not really paying attention to what fits their personality or body type. Working with a stylist makes shopping focused and strategic. Once you know your brand style archetype, it narrows the options, and as a result shopping is an easier, even pleasant experience.