There are so many trends that appear each season. Most come and go so quickly they are barely remembered. Others are better suited for younger women. However, a few have crossover appeal for all ages and if styled just right, can add a modern update to
an over 40 women’s style.

You’ll see a big push for colored jeans in stores this season. They’ve been everywhere and at all price points. If you’d like to inject a little of the current trend into your wardrobe and add a boost of color, here are a few age-appropriate ways for you to
style yourself in this new look.

The most popular colored jeans choice is red. I like to pair black and white with red jeans for a dramatic and graphic clean look. It can be dressed down with a simple top and flats, or dressed up with a cardigan or blazer for a creative career look.

Royal is easier for most women to wear. It’s not too far of a stretch from blue jeans, just a little brighter. A tonal approach makes the royal blue jeans fresh for summer and more feminine. Top your jeans with a bit of sparkle or soft draping to take your femininity to a new level of pretty.

Green is the most fashion forward color choice. Neutral tones of beige and brown keep the green jeans toned down for a striking contrast. Keep your heels high and accessories in the neutral palette to create your head-turning fashionista moment!

Women over 40 can easily wear colored jeans and maintain an age-appropriate look by following these simple styling suggestions. This fun trend can add a boost of modern glamour to your style for this season!