1. A Great Fitting Bra

80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. That is eight out of every ten women you see. The correct bra size will enhance your style. Your clothes will fit better, it will enhance your posture and you will appear younger looking and slimmer.

For women over 40, as your breasts give way to gravity, wearing the right bra will give you the style enhancing benefits of a younger looking body by keeping your breasts at a higher position. This will also create a slimming effect by creating more space between your breasts and waistline as seen in the example below.

For women over 40, breast size and shape changes due to hormonal fluctuations, weight loss or gain. Due to these changes, it is best to check your bra size at least once a year to make sure you’re wearing a bra to give you all the body and style boosting benefits.

When you wear the right bra, your clothes will fit better, it will enhance your posture and enhance your style!

2. Long Over Lean

The long over lean style principle is the idea of creating vertical length on your entire body by wearing longer, vertical lines on your upper body and wearing lean shapes on your lower body. You can create the illusion of longer, vertical lines on your body with clothing or accessories.

The long over lean proportion is flattering for all body types except the inverted triangle. If your shoulders are wider than your hips, this proportion will take your body out of balance and further increase the width of your shoulders. However, for everyone else, this is one of the best slimming style proportions.

In the examples below, the first three outfits, a slim style is achieved through tunic lengths for all layering pieces.

In numbers 4, 5 and 6, the addition of jewelry elongates the silhouettes to give an even further slimming effect. Longer length earrings and necklaces combined with tunic length tops take slimming even further.

Pair the long and lean tops with slim line pants and you’ve created the illusion of dramatic weight loss in an instant!

By lengthening the lines of your clothing, it can go a long way towards slimming your body. We can see this in the examples below. The styling of Iman’s suit looks much more slimming than Garcelle’s just by adding a longer top parallel to the length of her jacket.

By the way, Iman is 57 years old!!! She is a perfect example of how you can maintain a beautifully modern style over 40 to look ageless and amazing!

Another way of creating a slimming look is by adding vertical lines using a scarf. In addition to being slimming, it is also sleek and chic style!

While these men had no intention of using scarves for slimming, they caught my eye for also looking so sleek and chic…and handsome:). Okay, back to style for us…

3. Draping

Draping styles flatter all body shapes, however the placement of the drape is important for the most slimming effect.

The first dress is best when you have a short waist. By wearing drape just below your waistline, you add length to your torso to create a longer, slimmer line.

For apple shapes, a dropped waist style that skims over your torso with a slim skirt will give you the slimming proportion to keep your body in beautiful balance.

For pear and hourglass shapes, styles 3 and 4 show off the best asset of your small waist. For rectangle and inverted triangle shapes, the draped placed at the waistline carves out a waist and gives you curves.